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Please note that starting in 2017, the annual fee for member clubs increased to $20 per year.

Calendar of Shooting Events for 2020

The 2020 calendar has been updated. If the shoot information is not shown on the calendar for your club, a club officer should send me the information. You can email me through the website or you can mail the information to me.

My address is Niel Schueller, N7944 McCloud Dr., Gleason, WI 54435. Thank you.


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News and Announcement

Occasional Site Outages

I recently received a note through the mail that people were unable to access the site. After a lot of time on the phone and on chats, and lots of research on my own, it turned out that the counter that I had been using since 2012 was linked with a site that was blacklisted with the hosting service's new malware scanner. I removed the code for the old counter and installed one from a different site. I no longer get any notifications that there is malware on the site. The issue should be resolved, but a couple of days ago, the site was down again. I had to reset a file, and the site came back up. I will continue to try to monitor the site for this issue.

If anyone notes that the site is down in the future, please email me at Thank you.

Niel 5-17-2020

Hartford Conservation Club Events

I was approached by a member of the Hartford Conservation Club, asking if I would be willing to post their shoots. Since this member is a person from the club I have dealt with in the past, I respect him, and he will be the contact I deal with, I will begin posting the Hartford information again.

2020-2021 Quad County Chain Shoot Events

The Quad County events have been scheduled for the 2020-2021 season. The first event  will be Oct 11, 2020 at Deerfield. The remaining events are on the calendar and on the linked poster.

Forest Sportsmen's Club

Forest Sportsmen's Club added the results from the Labor Day Shoot held September 7, 2020.

Rhine Plymouth Field & Stream

The Oct 11 shoot at Field & Stream has been cancelled.

North Bristol Sportsmen's Club

North Bristol Sportsmen's Club added a shoot scheduled for Sept. 26.

2019-2020 Quad County Chain Shoot Final Events

The final event for the 2019-2020 Quad County Chain Shoot have been scheduled. Please see the Late September / early October events and the linked poster.

Fall River Rod & Gun Club

I received late notice this morning that Fall River Rod & Gun Club has cancelled their Legacy shoot, previously scheduled for August 22, 2020. The club apologizes for the short notice.

Montello Rod & Gun Club

Montello Rod & Gun Club has cancelled the shoot scheduled for August 30. 2020.

Fillmore Sportsman's Club

Fillmore added the results from the Aug 2, 2020 Shoot.

Beaver Dam Conservationists

Beaver Dam Conservationists added a Triple 50 shoot on Labor Day. There will be 50 Targets at 16 yard, 50 Targets at 22 yard Handicap Distance, and 50 Doubles Targets.

Forest Sportsmen's Club

Forest Sportsmen's Club added the results from the 10 man shoot held July 25, 2020.

Montello Rod & Gun Club

Montello Rod & Gun Club added a linked poster for the August 23 Shoot.

Princeton Rod & Gun Club

Princeton Rod & Gun Club added linked posters for the July 26 and August 30 Shoots.

Dotyville Gun Club Results

Dotyville Gun Club provided results from the July 11, 2020 shoot.

Hermitage Gun Club

Hermitage Gun Club added shoots on Aug 22 and Oct 3, 2020.

Dalton Rod & Gun Club

Dalton Rod & Gun Club added shoots on Aug 16 and Sept 7, 2020.

Fall River Rod & Gun Club

Fall River Rod & Gun Club has cancelled their shoots scheduled for July 18 & July 25. They have also tentatively rescheduled their Legacy shoot to August 22, 2020.

Wescot Sportsmen's Club

The results for the July 4, 2020 Shoot have been posted on the Results page.

Beechwood Sportsmen's Club

The results for the June 21, 2020 Father's Day Shoot have been posted on the Results page.

Fillmore Gun Club Date Change

Please note that the date for the Fillmore Gun Club shoot has been changed from July 12 to July 5.

Fall River Gun Club

The Legacy Shoot scheduled for June 20 has been postponed. The club expects to schedule it for some time in August. Watch the calendar and News pages for updates on the rescheduled date.

Readfield Gun Club Added Shoots

Readfield has added shoots on July 4, Aug. 9, and Oct. 4, 2020.

St Anne Sportsman Club added shoots.

St. Anne Sportsman Club added shoots on July 18 and Aug. 23, 2020.

Wescot adds a July 4 Shoot

The Wescot Sportsmen's Club has added a 100 Target Lewis Shoot in July 4, 2020.

Lowell Spoortsmen's Club Reschedules Shoot

The July 11 shoot has been rescheduled to July 12.

North Bristol Sportsmen's Club

The North Bristol Sportsmen's Club has cancelled the May 25 Shoot.

Beaver Dam Conservationists Schedules a shoot for May 30

The club is planning a Spring Kick-off shoot on May 30. See the poster linked to the event on the calendar page for more information.

Jefferson Sportsmans Club Cancellation

The May 17 shoot at the Jefferson Sportsmen's Club has been cancelled.

Wescot Sportsmans Club Cancellation

The May 2 shoot at Wescot Sportsmans Club has been cancelled. 4-30-2020

Outdoors Inc Cancellation

The May 24 shoot at Outdoors Inc. has been cancelled. 4-30-2020

Fillmore Sportsmen's Club Shoot Cancellation

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Fillmore Sportsmen's Club has cancelled the May 3 shoot.

Lowell Sportsmen's Club Shoot Cancellation

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Lowell Sportsmen's Club has cancelled the April 26 shoot.

Smerkes Shoot Cancellation

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Smerkes has cancelled their May 1 Shoot.

Winnebago Eastshore Conservation Club Rescheduled Shoot

Due to the extension of the safer at home order in Wisconsin, resulting from the COVID-19 Virus, Winnebago Eastshore has rescheduled their May 2 shoot to June 27, 2020.

Beechwood Sportsmen's Club Cancelled Shoot

The shoot scheduled on April 19 at Beechwood has been cancelled.

Forest Sportsmen's Club Spring Fling Shoot

The Forest Spring Fling Shoot scheduled for April 4 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Governor Evers.

Jefferson Sportsman's Club Shoot Cancelled

The April 10 Good Friday Shoot has been cancelled.

Ridge Runners Shoot Cancelled

The April 18 shoot at Ridge Runners has been cancelled.

Outdoors Inc Shoot Cancelled

The March 28 shoot at Outdoors Inc. has been cancelled.

Brown County Sportsman's Club

There will not be a Green Bird shoot at the Brown County Sportsman's Club on March 21.

Forest Sportsmen's Club Green Bird Shoot

There is some confusion about the date of the Green Bird Shoot. I contacted the club on March 13 and they confirmed that the shoot is scheduled for March 21, 2020, not March 14 as shown on their Facebook page. You may also want to talk to them about the 10 man shoot. My contact confirmed last night that the 10 Man Shoot is July 25, 2020, which is different than the Facebook page.

Youth Shoot information

The Youth Shoot page has been updated with information for the Wisconsin SCTP shoots. Additional information can be found by following the links, where available, for some of the shoots or by following the link to SCTP on the Links page.

Calendar Changes and Additions

Kiel added a shoot on May 9 that benefits their youth trap program. Wescot moved the March 21 shoot to March 28, and Jefferson moved the Sept 6 shoot to Sept 16.

West Bend-Barton Cancellation

WBBSC cancelled their planned shoot on April 19. Additional shoots will be added in a month or so.

2020 Calendar Meeting

The meeting was held on Jan 16, 2020 at the Campbellsport Sportsman's Club. We had one written proposal from the Kettle Moraine High School Trap Conference requesting a donation for their scholarship fund. The members at the meeting reviewed the request and approved awarding a $500.00 donation to their scholarship fund.

We award one $500 donation every year at the annual meeting. If you would like to propose a recipient organization, please provide me with the information. An email to the webmaster is sufficient, or you can send a letter to the address in the header.

Thank you.

Young Hunters

Many of us are hunters as well as trap shooters. When should we start taking our children or grandchildren along with us? Check out the links page for an interesting article under Miscellaneous Links titled : Young Hunters: When to get children started.

Colleges with Trap and Skeet Programs

If you enjoy trap or skeet shooting, are in high school, and you're planning to attend college, you might want to consider schools that have strong trap and skeet programs. Attached is a list that could help get you connected with a college that can provide the major you are looking for and competitive shotgun shooting opportunities.



  • The printed calendar is 2 pages. If your printer supports 2 sided printing, you can still have a very useful 1 page calendar. To print only one page, use the options on your printer dialog box.



Shooting event to support Cancer Research

I was given some information about an organization called Gunning For Hope.  The web site is Check out the organization and consider supporting them.

Thanks to all who support "Cause Shoots".

We are all faced with challenges in our lives, but some take the form of serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Many fellow shooters are directly affected by these diseases, and other shooters rally to support them with fund raisers in the form of "Cause Shoots", such as the cancer shoots at Berlin and Hartford and the juvenile diabetes shoot at Eastshore. I personally want to thank all of you who support these wonderful causes.



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