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Please note that starting in 2017, the annual fee for member clubs increased to $20 per year.

Calendar of Shooting Events for 2022

I have received notifications from member clubs for many of the 2022 non-registered events. If you wish to add a shoot, please send the information via mail or email to Include the club name and location, a contact name and contact information, and a description and date for the shoot(s). The cost is $20 per calendar year. You can send a check, made out to East Wis Shotgun Sports (or EWSS) to the address below.


My address is Niel Schueller, N7944 McCloud Dr., Gleason, WI 54435. Thank you.

The 2022 annual meeting of the member clubs was held on January 27, 2022 at Campbellsport Sportsman's Club. I was disappointed with the low attendance, since one of the key reasons for holding the meeting is to decide on the recipients of the donations from the member clubs. We selected two $500 donation recipients. One was awarded to Sauk Trail's Todd Daane Memorial Shoot, which supports several youth shooting opportunities. The second was to the Campbellsport High School Trap Team. Congratulations to the two recipients. Our mission is to help provide funds to organizations that support youth shooting or other charitable shooting organizations.


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News and Announcement

Sauk Trail Shoot - January 22, 2022

Due to the surge of COVID-19 cases, Sauk Trail has decided to cancel their Jan 22, 2022 shoot.

Feedback on the 2021 Donation to Wescot

During our 2021 meeting in January, Wescot was awarded the 2021 donation for use in promoting the shotgun shooting sports. One of the sponsored events was a "Beginner's League". As Gene Newton indicated in an email that he sent me, the group consisted of a wide diversity of members. This is an example of one way that clubs can generate interest in shooting, not only among young members, but members of all ages. Gene included a photo of the league members.

2021 Calendar Meeting

The annual meeting was held on Jan 14, 2021 at the Campbellsport Sportsman's Club. This year the club members present selected Wescot Sportsman's Club as the winner of the $500 donation. They sponsor 5 teams in their youth program. Congratulations.

We award one $500 donation every year at the annual meeting. Our mission is to help provide funds to organizations that support youth shooting or other charitable shooting organizations. If you would like to propose a recipient organization, please provide me with the information, including the reasons the organization should be considered. An email to the webmaster is sufficient, or you can send a letter to the address in the header. We will review any proposals at the annual meeting and select the recipient for 2022.

Thank you.

Rio Conservation Club Aug 21 Shoot

I owe an apology to the Rio Conservation Club. They sent me information about a shoot on Aug 21, and somehow I read the date as Aug 31. When they advised me of the error, I was travelling with little to no internet or cell phone access and I did not have a computer to update the information. I am truly sorry.

New Link Added

I recently received a proposed link to add to the general links page. We all know the importance of good eyesight for successful shooting. has a lot of interesting articles regarding vision problems. I added a link to the article about Aging and Eyesight. Spend some time exploring the site.


Westshore Sportsmans Club, Two Rivers WI

A Benefit Shoot has been added to the calendar on May 15. The attached PDF file provides additional information. Please support this good cause.

Wildlife, Inc.

There was a typo in the Lewis Results from the April 11 Wildlife, Inc shoot. Mike advised me and I have corrected it. All the payout information was correct on the original document.

WBBSC Cancelled Shoot

The West Bend Barton Sportsman's Club needed to cancel the April 11 Shoot. Please make note of the change.

Quad County Chain Shoots Update

The shoot on January 10 at Sauk Prairie Trap and Skeet has been cancelled.

Youth Shooting Updates

I received some information for the Kettle Moraine Trapshooting Conference and the Wisconsin SCTP events. This information can be found on the youth page. The 2021 KMTC schedule has been added to the Youth Info page.

Kettle Moraine Trapshooting Conference

I received this note in an email from a representative of the KMTC. They received a donation in January, 2020 from the clubs that support this site. I removed the recipient's last names in the interest of their privacy.

On behalf of the Kettle Moraine Trapshooting Conference, I would thank the East Wisconsin Shotgun Sports for the 2020 donation of $500.00 that was applied to our three Scholarship recipients listed; Alex P., Alexis S. and Eleanore K.. Congratulations to our recipients that received $250.00 each and thank you again to the East WI Shotgun Sports members that made this possible!

North Bristol Sportsmen's Club

North Bristol wanted to confirm that they will be holding their New Years Eve Day shoot as scheduled.

Jefferson Sportsmen's Club

Jefferson Sportsmen's Club has added a number of shoots for 2021, including a Hangover Shoot on January 1, 2021.

Wescot Sportsman's Club

Wescot Sportsman's Club has added a Nostalgic Gun shoot with wild game feast. This event is scheduled in early January.

Quad County Chain Shoot

There have been some cancellations due to COVID-19. Attached is a poster with the details, and the changes have also been noted on the calendar page.

Young Hunters

Many of us are hunters as well as trap shooters. When should we start taking our children or grandchildren along with us? Check out the links page for an interesting article under Miscellaneous Links titled : Young Hunters: When to get children started.

Colleges with Trap and Skeet Programs

If you enjoy trap or skeet shooting, are in high school, and you're planning to attend college, you might want to consider schools that have strong trap and skeet programs. Attached is a list that could help get you connected with a college that can provide the major you are looking for and competitive shotgun shooting opportunities.

Occasional Site Outages

I recently received a note through the mail that people were unable to access the site. After a lot of time on the phone and on chats, and lots of research on my own, it turned out that the counter that I had been using since 2012 was linked with a site that was blacklisted with the hosting service's new malware scanner. I removed the code for the old counter and installed one from a different site. I no longer get any notifications that there is malware on the site. The issue should be resolved, but a couple of days ago, the site was down again. I had to reset a file, and the site came back up. I will continue to try to monitor the site for this issue.

If anyone notes that the site is down in the future, please email me at Thank you.

Niel 5-17-2020



  • The printed calendar is 2 pages. If your printer supports 2 sided printing, you can still have a very useful 1 page calendar. To print only one page, use the options on your printer dialog box.



Shooting event to support Cancer Research

I was given some information about an organization called Gunning For Hope.  The web site is Check out the organization and consider supporting them.

Thanks to all who support "Cause Shoots".

We are all faced with challenges in our lives, but some take the form of serious health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Many fellow shooters are directly affected by these diseases, and other shooters rally to support them with fund raisers in the form of "Cause Shoots", such as the cancer shoots at Berlin and Hartford and the juvenile diabetes shoot at Eastshore. I personally want to thank all of you who support these wonderful causes.



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