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Please note that starting in 2017, the annual fee for member clubs increased to $20 per year.

Calendar of Shooting Events for 2022

I have received notifications from member clubs for many of the 2022 non-registered events. If you wish to add a shoot, please send the information via mail or email to Include the club name and location, a contact name and contact information, and a description and date for the shoot(s). The cost is $20 per calendar year. You can send a check, made out to East Wis Shotgun Sports (or EWSS) to the address below.


My address is Niel Schueller, N7944 McCloud Dr., Gleason, WI 54435. Thank you.

The 2022 annual meeting of the member clubs was held on January 27, 2022 at Campbellsport Sportsman's Club. I was disappointed with the low attendance, since one of the key reasons for holding the meeting is to decide on the recipients of the donations from the member clubs. We selected two $500 donation recipients. One was awarded to Sauk Trail's Todd Daane Memorial Shoot, which supports several youth shooting opportunities. The second was to the Campbellsport High School Trap Team. Congratulations to the two recipients. Our mission is to help provide funds to organizations that support youth shooting or other charitable shooting organizations.


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Shoot Results

Results for the shoots on our list will be provided below if the club furnishes the information to the webmaster. If you don't find the results from a shoot you participated in, contact the club and ask them to send an e-mail with the results to the webmaster. Often, the results can be provided sooner than the checks are available for the payout, so, if you are a winner, please don't call the participating club as soon as you see the results. Give them a couple of weeks to issue checks before contacting them.

The results will be posted for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks, then I will pull them from the site. They are arranged with the most recent shoots at the top.

Wildlife, Inc Shoot Results Sept. 18, 2022

Wescot Sportsman's Club Shoot Results Sept 3, 2022

Forest Labor Day Shoot Results Sept 5, 2022

Wescot Sportsman's Club Shoot Results Aug 20, 2022

Beechwood Memorial Shoot Results Aug 14, 2022

Fillmore Sportsman's Club Shoot Results August 7, 2022

Forest 10 man shoot results July 23, 2022

Wescot Sportsman's Club Shoot Results July 23, 2022

Dotyville Shoot Results July 9, 2022

Fillmore Sportsmens's Club Shoot Results July 3, 2022

Wescot Sportsman's Club Shoot Results July 2, 2022

Beechwood Father's Day Shoot Results Jun 19, 2022

Forest Sportsmen's Club Memorial Day Shoot Results May 30, 2022

Wildlife Inc. May 22, 2022 Shoot Results

Wescot Sportsman's Club Shoot Results May 7, 2022

Wescot Sportsman's Club Shoot Results Apr 23, 2022

Beechwood April 24, 2022 Spring Shoot Results

Forest Sportsman's Club Spring Fling Results April 9, 2022

Wildlife Inc Shoot Results March 20, 2022

Forest Green Bird Shoot Results March 19, 2022



























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